Deadline #1: Clan thread and banner

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Deadline #1: Clan thread and banner Empty Deadline #1: Clan thread and banner

Post  Arch3r on Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:50 am

Hello, fellow Calradians,

The first real deadline is here now, this deadline is only for clans, so if you're a merc or bandit, do not worry.

Make a thread in the tBfC's Clan array forum. This thread should contain the following info:

-Link to Taleworlds Clan Thread (if existing)

-Name of the clan

-Kingdom name for ingame (For example IG=Guards of Istiniar, but their kingdom name will be Republic of Istiniar)

-Troop tag (Such as Swadian for Kingdom of Swadia. For example for CoR we use Reveran as tag, so we have a Reveran Man-at-arms troop.

-Category of classes, Tier-1 (1 class), Tier-2 (3 classes). Just name the category, such as Infantry class, archer, crossbowman, cavalry, etc...

No stats to be done, just naming and a short 'description' (as in, saying if they're archers or swordsmen etc...)

Get a Kingdom Banner, upload it to imageshack/tinypic or email it to

DEADLINE: Saturday 13 March 2010 23.59 GMT

If you do not make this deadline, you will be excluded for the first beta version (which excludes any campaign, but will be the first version ran on a public server)

-Get a BRF and equipment list, preferably in Module System format.

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