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Post  Arch3r on Thu Mar 04, 2010 11:54 am

This mod needs to get into the next gear now, as progress isn't being made.

Here a list what to do for everyone:
To clans:
-Get some classes and equipment done, so we can get the first screenshots from some public games on a server. The goal is to make a thread in the mod section of the TW forums with screenshots, to get more attention from modders.
-Get yourself a good banner and send it to me.

To individuals:
-Mercs should indicate what equipment they want

To modders (mostly me):
-Restart with the .710 module system, and implemented in a way easier to port, keeping the original factions.
-Sort out BRFs
-Get the first version for public release with help from clans
-Get an invasion-wave gamemode done
-Get an invasion faction done, or more (zombies, looters, bandits, juggernauts, etc)

Looking for crew:
-Find modders willing to help.
-Find sound composers for tBfC to give it a more custom feeling.

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