The League of Solamnic Orders

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The League of Solamnic Orders Empty The League of Solamnic Orders

Post  Stratigos001 on Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:11 am

The Solamnics have entered the fray. We will have Halberdiers, Archer Levy, and Heavy Cavalry.

Halberdiers: Chain Mail, Studded Leather Coat (Vaegir Cav armour?), Militia like helmets, Halberds, long voulges.

Archer Levy: Longbows, Militia style armour, militia style helmets, one-handed swords.

Solamnic Knights: Warhorse, Surcoats, Knightly style helmets, Lances, Morning Stars, Heavy Shields.

Grandmaster: Sir Gowe
Duke: Stratigos/Alaric
Rose Knight: Captain Price
Sword Knight:
Crown Knight:
Chivalric Knights: Holy Templar, Freshmaker, William Wallas, Dreeth, Brutus Flavius
Noble Knights: Drindin the Hobbit
Feudal Knights: Savael
Squires: Kmovies, RFC_Millzy, Serbian, Metatron, Dark Enigma, MK3390, Bozilla, SirBob,Caiadin, Soygamer.

Overall 20 members.


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