The 22nd Imperium Of Plazekstan

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The 22nd Imperium Of Plazekstan Empty The 22nd Imperium Of Plazekstan

Post  Biteme on Mon Mar 29, 2010 6:47 am

The 22nd Imperium Of Plazekstan 22ndclanrequest2

Kingdomname: Imperium of Plazekstan

Backstory: Once a small Kingdom, King Plazek and his bloodthirsty pet Warlord, the ginger Chuck Norris have turned the land into a war machine, its armies spreading outwards, never stopping, never losing, never retreating. The empire will be made, over the thousands of dead bodies of those who opposed it.

Troop tag: Imperial

Footknight: Heavy infantry mixed with ranged and melee
Infantry: Crossbowmen with sword and shield
Cavalry: Heavy cavalry with lance and axe


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