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Post  Arch3r on Mon Feb 15, 2010 8:40 am

Map 1 : Palisades on a plain(Arch3r/implemented)
Map 2 : Walls on a plain (Tercero/implemented but need Terrain Code!)
Map 3 : Palisades on a snow plain (Urist/implemented)
Map 4 : Walls on a snow plain (Urist/in progress)
Map 5 : Palisades on steppe terrain(Tibertus/implemented)
Map 6 : Walls on steppe terrain(Tibertus)
Map 7 : Palisades in a desert(Mudcrab)
Map 8 : Walls in a Desert(Arch3r/implemented)
Map 9 : Palisades in a forest(Arch3r/implemented)
Map 10 : Walls in a forest(Mudcrab/in progress or implemented (from Tercero? need terrain code!))
Map 11 : Palisades in a snow forest
Map 12 : Walls in a snow forest
Map 13 : Palisades in a steppe forest(Arch3r/in progress)
Map 14 : Walls in a steppe forest (Heth/in progress)

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Scenes to do: Empty Re: Scenes to do:

Post  Tercero on Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:35 pm

lol I think ive lost the terrain codes as new version came... maybe I have the rar file somwhere... ill check for it

*i think urist should have a pm from me with the rar file :S but i didnt save it in my "sent items" folder :S


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