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Post  HULKSMASH on Wed Feb 10, 2010 6:16 pm

Taken from archer on the forums.

The Battle for Calradia.
Roleplaying and competitive matches combined in a large-sized campaign.

Scening to do:,80707.msg2321936.html#msg2321936

This campaign-like game aims to give additional competition to clans and individual players. Clans will need to be good at both managing their kingdom as winning strategic battles in order to claim Calradia as their own. On our site both individuals and clans (to be done) can register. Individual members can join clans and create clans on the site, or simply join the mercenary band that is open for everyone. The types of clans that can be created are Kingdoms and Mercenaries. Kingdoms can also be called Khanates, Duchies, Republics but they have the same roles. Mercenaries can also be bandits, focusing solely on bandit business, or being hired blades going rogue when not hired in order to survive.

Kingdoms will be the clans that want to claim towns, castles and villages. They will be the largest factions and have the largest armies. Also because of possessing towns and villages they create an income and economy. Trading goods and farming will be essential for paying their soldiers equipment and growing an economy. Using the army to claim territories that provide either economic or military strategic points, they try to gain advantage over there enemies.

Mercenary Bands are groups that survive by hiring themselves to Kingdoms, aiding them in battle or by plundering villages, ordered by a faction or not (rogues). They can be bandits, or when they have a good combat reputation, they will be able to survive just by doing mercenary work. Individual players not wanting to join a clan could join the general Mercenary group that does not have a particular leader.

Classes and equipment.
Both groups can have their own troop tree and equipment. Each group/clan can choose and define 3 classes. Following preset rules each class can be specialized or generalized in stats and equipment. One of the classes gets a free skill point, boosting it's performance as that clans special troop. Each class can choose 4 weapon types, an example being crossbows, bolts, one-handed swords and shields for a crossbow class. Weapon stats can be modified by the model in a spoiler below. Every class can have 4 item types, also listed in the spoiler below. If you chose an item type, you can have 4 weapons of that type in your buy menu.

The map where it is all played consists of hexes. Each hex will have a terrain-type (plain, steppe, desert, ocean), vegetation-level, elevation-level, an owner (could be neutral), garrison (could also be non-present) and settlement level (being town, castle, village or none). Terrain-type, vegetation-level and elevation-level will define the natural look of the scene in-game and cannot be changed by clans or players. Settlement level will also influence the in-game scene appearance. Ownership, garrison and settlement level may change and can downgrade as well as upgrade. Ownership is defined by garrisons and borders and will be explained in more detail later.
The map will also be published later along with detailed explanations and will be used for examples.

The beginning.
To be done later. Will depend on the map and number of subscribed members.

Clan Turns and Actions
This campaign will be turn-based. Clan-leaders will submit moves of Kingdoms and Warbands, whereas individual players submit their individual moves when they are in the general Mercenary group. Multiple actions can be undertaken in one turn and there is a limited time a clan has to submit moves. Moves consist of Attacking (subdivided in field battles, plundering and more), Moving Garrisons, Trading (for example by sending caravans), Upgrading settlements and more to be decided.

How will the turn-based system work?
The clan leaders will decide what moves their faction will make. The map of Calradia will be rasterized and divided, much like either Risk or the Total War series. All clans will be set in a particular order, also much like in the Total War series. Let’s start with examples. Here is an example list of clans/factions with tag or abbreviation in the brackets.
1. Knights of Valour (KoV)
2. Wildmen of Wercheg (WoW)
3. Einhorkarhagkjar (Ein)
4. Fuskare (Fus)
5. Spartaaah (300)
There will be a lot more clans in the real game, but having 5 examples is to keep it simple. Because KoV is the first on the list, they will start as the first clan to submit their moves and complete their first turn. They will have a certain move points, where each move consumes some move points. Also each party separately has a maximum of how many move points can be spent on that party. On the other side, having more parties will also increase the number of move points. In the first turn, there probably won’t be any attacks, due to the distance to each other. After that WoW will make their turn, than Ein, than Fuskare and than 300. Than the mercenaries will make their moves and they can approach clans to offer their services. The order of the mercenaries will be made in a similar list with first the mercenary warbands and than all the individual players in the general Mercenaries faction. The mercenaries will be followed up by the bandits. First the bandit clans and then the rest of the individual players in the Bandits faction. After that KoV will be able to make their moves again. When they decide to attack another party, a battle will take place. The battle will be fought in-game when it is their turn again. So first all other factions will have their move, ending with the individual bandits. When it’s KoV’s turn, they can’t move until their battle has been fought out. A date and time for the battle is supposed to be arranged with the enemy clan.

Will always take place in-game Mount&Blade Warband in a online battle.

The stats for classes are done by the rules in the spoiler here.

Some taste of what the class generating system would look like. Each clan can have 3 classes, it doesn't have to be infantry, ranged and cavalry, you can have spearman, swordsman and peltast if you want too.

Standard attributes:
strength | 10
agility | 10

Standard skills for a class is:
one-handed | 60
two-handed | 60
polearms | 60
archery | 60
crossbows | 60
throwing | 60

Ironflesh | 0
Power strike | 0
Power throw | 0
Power draw | 0
Riding | 0
Athletics | 0
Shield | 0
Horse archery | 0

You have 50 points to spend on each class.

For proficiencies the costs are:
+20 | 1
+40 | 3
+60 | 6
+80 | 10
+100 | 15
+120 | 21
+140 | 28

For attributes and skills the costs are:
+1 | 1
+2 | 3
+3 | 6
+4 | 10
+5 | 15
+6 | 21
+7 | 28
+8 | 36

For an extra item-type the costs are:

And each faction can add a free skill point for one class. So he can boost power draw from 6 to 7 for free or something similar.

The items of classes are done by the rules in the spoiler here.

(click to show/hide)
Rules for items will go like damage and/or reach decrease swing speed and increase weight. There is a minimum for weight and a maximum for swing speed/rate of fire (around 110 for melee, to be decided for ranged), range (around 120 for non-polearms, around 250 for polearms) and damage (around 32 for melee weapons). Of course a maximum for ammunition will be there too for ranged weapons. Each class can select up to 4 weapon/item types (including a shield, so 3 weapon types with shield.) If you chose an item type, you can have 4 weapons of that type in your buy menu. Also daggers are always available for all classes as standard equipment, and are free.
For example, if you choose 1h swords, 2h blunt weapons, shields and horses, you can have 4 different swords, 4 different blunt weapons, 4 different shields and 4 different horses and 1 dagger in the buy menu.
Weapon types are:

-one-handed swords
base damage: 23 slash 17 stab - base reach: 98 - base speed: 95 - base weight: 1.4
-two-handed swords
base damage: 36 slash 20 stab - base reach: 116 - base speed: 86 - base weight: 2.4
-one-handed axes (also include shortened scythes or falxes)
base damage: 32 slash - base reach: 70 - base speed: 90 - base weight: 1.6
-two-handed axes (also include shortened scythes or falxes)
base damage: 42 slash - base reach: 100 - base speed: 80 - base weight: 3.0
-one-handed maces/hammers
base damage: 24 blunt - base reach: 60 - base speed: 88 - base weight: 2.0
-two-handed maces/hammers
base damage: 36 blunt - base reach: 86 - base speed: 76 - base weight: 4.5
-one-handed picks/spiked clubs
base damage: 22 pierce - base reach: 96 - base speed: 96 - base weight: 1.3
-two-handed picks/spiked clubs
base damage: 34 pierce - base reach: 100 - base speed: 84 - base weight: 2.0
base damage: 26 stab 20 blunt - base reach: 135 - base speed: 98 - base weight: 2.25 (+1 damage =-1 speed, +0.05 weight --- +2 reach =-1 speed, +0.10 weight)
base damage: 26 stab 12 blunt - base reach: 200 - base speed: 86 - base weight: 2.5 (+1 damage =-2 speed, +0.05 weight --- +5 reach =-1 speed, +0.25 weight)
-Slashing polearms
base damage: 36 slash 20 stab - base reach: 155 - base speed: 80 - base weight: 4.0
base damage: 20 pierce - base speed: 90 - base missile speed: 53 - base PD req.: 2 - base weight 1.25
base damage: 1 pierce damage - base length: 95 - max ammo: 30 - base weight: 3.0 (+1 damage =-1 ammo, +0.1 weight)
base damage: 50 pierce - base speed: 43 - base missile speed: 68 - base weight: 3.0
base damage: 1 pierce damage - base length: 55 - max ammo: 29 - base weight: 2.25 (+1 damage, +5 length speed =-2 ammo, +0.1 weight)
-Throwing axes
base damage: 39 cut - base speed: 98 - base missile speed: 20 - base weight: 5.0 - base length: 53 - max ammo: 5
base damage: 29 slash - base reach: 53 - base speed: 98 - base weight: 5.0
-Throwing spears/javelins
base damage: 32 pierce - base speed: 94 - base missile speed: 28 - base weight: 5.0 - base length: 75 - max ammo: 7
base damage: 18 stab 14 blunt - base reach: 75 - base speed: 94 - base weight: 5.0
Will be rebalanced later, just to give ya'll an idea.

For melee:
+Damage = -Speed (or -Reach or both) and +weight
+Speed = -Reach (or -Damage or both) and -weight
+Reach = -Speed (or -Damage or both) and +weight
-Weight = +Speed and -Damage (or -Reach or both)

For bows:
+Damage = -Speed,+weight and +Power Draw/Throw req.
+Missile speed = -Speed, +Power Draw/Throw req.

Max upgraded 5 times (for example the spear damage can be +5 and the range +10 max.)

'The Council' (Admins/Judges):
Arch3r-main organisation.
Plazek-organisation and balancing.
Urist-mercenary stuff, balancing.
HULKSMASH - Website and Ideas

'Engineers Guild' (Sceners):

Want to help? We need modellers, texturers, sceners but also Mount&Blade (Warband beta or vanilla) veterans that want to put effort and time in balancing. An expierenced site maker knowing HTML is very very welcome as well.

Current clans/warbands/groups:
Court of Reveran (CoR)
-Cavalry, Infantry and crossbowman.
*Kingdom name to be give* (22nd)
-no info
*Kingdom name to be give*(SZ)
-no info
Hoboknights (HOBO)
-no info
Kingdom of Holy Calradia (tKhC)
-Cavalier, Halberdier, Yeoman.
*Kingdom name to be give* (nK Nobody Knows)
-no info
Armata Brancaleone (AB)
-no info
Knights of Pomerania
-no info
The 13th Legion of Rome (XIII)
-no info
Alliance of the Free Souls (AoFS)
-no info
*Kingdom name to be given* (ZHG)
-no info
Kingdom of Phoenix (TPL)
-no info
Solamnic Kingdom (SLMK)
-no info

Thats about it! :mrgreen:

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